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When you are designing digital products you have to be really careful with fonts or graphics you are using, especially when you are selling online. If you want to know where to find great free fonts for commercial use, I’m about to fill you in!

I know how frustrating it can be to search the internet for hours to finally find a font you love and then to realise that you are not allowed to use it in your products. There is always the option to buy a commercial licence, but let's face it - who can afford to spend a lot of money on a font that you might just use in one of your products? Especially when you just started creating products for clients or selling them in your online shop. Phew. What a mission, for just a font...

Wait. "Just" a font? Finding the right font is very important and picking a font that doesn't fit to your product can change the whole look and feel of your design. Think about giving McDonalds the Vogue font. Wouldn't that be a super chic but really weird Big Mac packaging? What do you think?

I spent some time digging in the world wide web to find some great fonts and save you some time.

There are a million and one options out there that are just - sorry - plain ugly or very similar in style to other fonts. So I hope you enjoy my collection!

Click on the name to download the font:

Selima Script, Ambarella, Brusher, Lavoir, Frutilla, Hilton, Priscilla, Quentin, Sacramento, Little Brushy, Mirra, Rochester, Violetta, Sintia Sattia, Radith, Maybe Coffee, Somebody Else, Rembank

At the time of posting, all fonts linked in this post were listed as free for commercial use on their download page. Sometimes licenses change, so make sure to double check the terms and conditions of each font you download. Also you are not allowed to re-sell any of the fonts.

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