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I often hear the question: “Hey Dee, you are offering all these great templates for Canva but I’ve never used templates before. What are they actually and do you think I should use it?”

So, let me give you some input about what Canva actually is. Canva is basically an easy-to-use graphic design tool in the form of a web-based app. Based on the adoption of social media platforms, Canva has revolutionised the graphic design industry, for new creators and small businesses. It even allows large companies to cut costs previously attributed to design teams. Now it’s easier than ever to create knock-out designs, and it’s possible for people without knowledge of industry standards (e.g. Adobe CC) to create social media graphics that not only look amazing, but also are professionally done.

While creating your own designs from scratch can be a bit challenging, Canva templates make getting started a lot easier. In my shop you can find a lot of different template designs that are easy to use, even with a free Canva account. You can use the template designs as they are or take them as a starting point to create your style. At minimum I hope these templates will prevent you from having the “blank page, blank mind” feeling. Don’t let your design background delay your product or platform launch, and keep growing your business which you know will be successful!

What’s in Dee Bee’s Canva templates?

Canva templates are pre-made designs that you can quickly make your own. Easily change out your brand colours, fonts, imagery and logo. After purchasing one of the templates in my store, you will receive a link, that sends you right to your template. From here, you can get started customising and creating. To change any of the elements or text in the design, simply select them to open the toolbar at the top of your design screen. You can delete elements, change their colour or the fonts easily.

If you love what you see, you can immediately adapt the Canva Templates to your wishes with just changing the text to whatever you desire!

Why should I get a template pack?

Canva’s template library has a lot of generic templates, and often these are one-off designs. It is hard to create a set of posts that fit together, looks cohesive and also able to include all of the post types you need. For example, in my Coaching Post Pack you find testimonial templates, quotes, sales, reminders and many other different post types in one pack.

When you are a small business owner you need to be your marketing manager, your CEO, your receptionist and a lot of other things. Let’s say you own a yoga studio. You need to create course plans, do accounting, post on social media, update the website, create offers… while you teach yoga.

So, you want your social media posts to look great and of course you want to post regularly to keep the customers and the algorithm happy. But where is the time to do all of that? You want to teach yoga classes and not think about which fonts fit together. The good news is – I’ve done all the hard work for you. In my shop you find a bunch of different template packs, that you can easily adapt and take all the credit for your great looking social media feed.

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